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Retro Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard

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It's a perfect combination of modern and classic. Inspired by ancient mechanical keyboards and typewriters, it's the perfect desktop companion for writers, designers, and anyone who wants a more satisfying typing experience.

There are dozens of mechanical keyboards available, but most of them are designed for gamers. They are heavy and mediocre, sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. The design of this keyboard is inspired by the typewriters of the 1950s, allowing you to click with your fingertips as you type.

Equipped with a unique saddle keyboard and Cherry / Gateron switch, this is a modern switch that simulates the click of a typewriter. It supports all operating systems and works perfectly on most devices. Users can easily switch between 3 devices using Bluetooth mode. Not to mention its dazzling dynamic backlight, which can light up the night and brighten your happiness.

Equipped with ergonomic saddle-shaped keys, the smooth surface is beautiful and durable. All keys are arranged in the default position, which is comfortable to operate, which not only improves typing speed, but also improves accuracy. It has a stainless steel holder to secure your phone or tablet while you type.

It adopts Bluetooth 3.0, supports iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows (with Bluetooth function) and the connection is highly stable. You can pair with 3 devices and switch easily via shortcuts.

Unlike regular keyboards, mechanical keyboards provide specific tactile feedback when you press a button, as well as the most accurate and reliable performance that typists and gamers will really appreciate. With blue and brown switches, it can meet the needs of mechanical keyboard lovers:

  • Both Blue switches have a clicking sound, are easy to type, respond quickly and produce typewriter sounds!

  • The brown key is sensitive and gives the user a tactile collision, but the clicking sound is small. Its quiet travel ensures you don't disturb anyone in the same room, the perfect choice for office users.

With dynamic backlit keys you rarely see on wireless keyboards. Provides 5 levels of brightness (0% ~ 100%), 7 light effects and 4 dynamic speeds for selection. You can also turn off the backlight as needed.

It also supports USB connection, so you can use it on a computer with Windows, Linux or other operating systems. We've also designed dual USB ports so the keyboard can better adapt to your settings. Just use its retro strap to switch between Bluetooth and USB mode.

The scroll button design is inspired by an old manual typewriter; it acts as a volume controller and an on/off button. You can also use multimedia keys to control music.

Equipped with a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, it can last 50 hours on a single charge, allowing users to freely enjoy the Bluetooth connection.

The bag provides the ultimate convenience for you.This stylish compression bag comes with an inner pocket with a strap, designed for your keyboard and personal belongings to help you stay organized in your daily life! It has a special padded pocket to protect your desk or notebook, a bag that can hold everything!

Product information

  • Mechanical switches: Gateron Blue Swtich, Cherry MX Blue switch, Cherry MX Brown switch

  • Number of keys: 83

  • Dimensions: 360 mm x 190 mm x 70 mm

  • Weight: 1300g

  • Black light: dynamic LED

  • Correspondence body material: ABS (piano painting)

  • Cover material: PC + ABS

  • Keyboard battery: 1200mAh lithium battery

  • Battery life (full light): 50 hours

  • Charging port: Micro USB * 2

  • Certification: CE, FC, RoHS

  • Product List: KnewKey Rymek Mechanical Keyboard * 1 + Micro USB Cable * 1 + Stand * 1 + Strap * 1 + User Guide * 1+Bag* 1


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